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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Binge free Weekend

Usually my weekends are binges
I'm happy to report I stayed in control
I had a piece of bread yesterday at noon
Then i got crunk with J
At like 3 in the morning i was almost passing out and sick(from the alc and no food)
J begged me to eat a little
So i had some dry cereal, two strawberries and some olives

I haven't eaten yet today
just finished some coffee
I might just fast the rest of the day

So I am going shopping on Friday with my parents. Last Christmas they gave each of us a weekend to do whatever we want with them. I haven't updated my wardrobe for three years. We are going to be hitting some outlets malls and I am pretty nervous. I just don't know what to shop for. I dress like a tom boy, lost of graphic t-shirts, or long sleeve under t-shirts. Plus I was hoping to weigh a lot less, so probably major restriction is in order. Any suggestion? What should I be looking for? I know I'll hate my body no matter what is on me. We'll see how it goes. I definitely want new skinny jeans.

I'm sitting next to the cuttest thing, J sleeping. He is a snuggler when he firsts wakes up. Last night when we fell asleep I told him how it hurt for me to lay on my side(becuase of my hipbones). He said he has the same problem. He said I'd get used to it. Well I have been used to it, I'm just so happy the hipbones are choosing to show and stay

I can't wait to get back to the gym. I've missed it tremendously. Bleh I just squished the fat on my sides. Patience.

66 followers!! You all rock. When/If I get to 100 I'll post a picture of myself. I'm not going to look fat either, that would be a disappointment to you all.


diente de león said...

Sticky. My dearest Sticky. Aaaah can you imagine how much I love you?
Just thought I'd let you know. I love you. :)

Oh isn't that just WONDERFUL? hipbonepain. Amazing feeling. It's like getting bruises because you're skin and bones. Well obviously you're doing something right.

Yay! you'll post a picture? You need those last 34 followers! And you'll get them. I always wanted to see a picture you must be quite pretty.
Dressing like a tomboy isn't that bad. Some girls can actually do that and look very lovely. And for some reason I think it looks even better on skinny girls. Fragile. But proud. If you know what I mean.

Hey about that shopping tour? Get skinny trousers! Black ones. Make sure they are skinny enough so you have to LOSE weight, but not TOOOOOO skinny so you don't feel like it's out of your reach. And then wear those trousers when you're hungry. Make sure you can get them on but you're not allowed to feel bloated or eat in those trousers.


obsessionperfection said...

maybe i will post some pics, and i know she will be a big comfort=]

great job staying in control this weeked=] thats soo great!!=]

Steph said...

aww good job with binge free weekend! and wow I'm so jealous of you're shopping, I'm in desperate need of new clothes that fit me, I still have my 128 lb self clothes. Yuck.
And I love you too!! No creepiness at all haha

My ex would be annoying though cause I would want to cuddle but he would be all touchy and not in a cuddle way and it bothered me

*Princess*Smile* said...

glad you had such a good weekend :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!!! Hopefully soon! :)

I'm so glad to hear you had a great binge-free weekend. Your a huge inspiration to us all.

If you don't want to buy clothes because you hate yourself in whatever you wear, but you still want to update your wardrobe then shop for accessories instead. Its my favorite thing to shop for. :)

much love!

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Im new to this whole following a um person with an eating disorder, so I dont know whether to says congraulations on the binge free wkend??? This may sound silly but I envy you a bit! Ive actually tried .. like getting an eating disorder but I dont have the self control! I literally eat my emotions! like if Im stressed Ill have a donut, or If Im with a friend btu I feel like things arent going right Ill buy a coffee and just eat my way out of bad situations..... Just sharing :)

2BThinAgain said...

I'm glad you had a controlled weekend. It always feels so good when we achieve little miracles. Embrace the joy and keep pushing forward. :D

ixoye said...

i love buying clothes that are too small. and then a few weeks later putting them on and they actually fit. its a rewarding feeling :)

..i want that feeling again.

Jem said...

yaaa for your binge free wknd... that is such an accomplishment. good luck for the next one too. have a good week :) :)