You're not alone

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I weighed myself this morning. .2 pounds down? Hey I'll take it.

Apple: 60
Rice Cake bites: 300 (I hadn't really eaten the day before)
Potatoes and Spinach 200 ish cals(I made it for J and me, I gave him majority of potatoes, and gave myself the spinach)
Peaches with Cinnamon : 100 cal
Cofee: ? maybe 100 total

I feel good about that intake.

Today: I feel a little down. I don't know what it is. I think my Meds have made me somewhat of an insomniac, so I've been having the worst sleeping patterns all week. Thanks to everyone who has been commenting! I've been doing my best to return the favor! You are all so amazing.

I just finished a hair cut at the Salon. I am going to go run some errands and then go to the gym. Something light today. I am going to fast for at least 2 days. I might have to eat dinner with my parents tonight, but I pre warned my Mom that I've been feeling sick(I'm a good liar unfortunately). But my Mom never thinks I'm eating, so it won't be a big deal if I get a salad or something, and I have some Milk of Magnesia in my car. I can just take a 1/4 of a dose.

Most of my family was convinced I was Ana. But now I have two sisters who truly believe I've never had a problem. I have stuffed my face in front of them(without guilt becuase I'd been fasting, or that was all I'd be eating) just so they couldn't tell me I don't eat.. and it has been worth it.

Well I hope everyone has a safe weekend. Don't drink too much! I wish I could be partying with you. I must be off and get some fat burned :)



*Princess*Smile* said...

good intake, well done!

& great news that your family dont think u have a problem


obsessionperfection said...

i will for sure tell you when i am going to do the 02468! i am pretty sure i will start on monday... because my friend couldn go out tonight, so i am thinking tomorrow. but that is such a great job! and peaches and cinnamon sound amazing!! ill try that for sure!!=]

p.s. thanks for following!! x]

stay strong!

Ana's Girl said...

Sounds like you're doing great. Stick with it. :)

Sottile said...

it's great when you trick the fam! i think i am going to try peaches and cinnamon, it sounds delish! and cinnamon helps with metabolism.

think thin!!

ShrinkingSlowly said...

I'm sorry you feel down. =(

You're doing great with your food intake though. Your peaches and cinnamon does sound delicious.

diente de león said...

sounds like you have a good plan for those next few days. and your family, nice. I guess it really is worth eating in front of them once in a while so they don't ask stupid questions.
126 lbs ... oooh. envy. haha.


sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

hey, that intake sounds super good. keep it up hun!
:) & well done for keeping it from your family babe. xxx