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Monday, September 14, 2009

Running around :)

Thanks to Faz77 i am ADDICTED to Supersize VS Superskinny. Check out this clip:
Fat Camp

The reason I'm sharing it is becuase it raised multiple questions. These over weight people are working out 7 hours a day. They are paying thousands of dollars. What happens when they leave? I sometimes workout excessivly. But I know that over doing it at the gym doesn't help. Granted these people aren't 'over doing it' per say. But I still don't think its going to benefit them in the long run.

I try to take care of my body. My ilness is not worth killing myself. Which means I have to set limits when I workout(except for days when I'm manic and I want to die..but in that case the gym is safer)

Weight: back down :) I shot up over night. 3.5 pounds. I binged one and a half days. But today I weighed in at 127.8. So only 1.4 pounds up from what I was before I started eating crap. I hate my arms. I think thats where I have body dismorphia the most. They have always looked fat to me, excluding when I was 12 years old or something.

Today has been lovely
Weather has been cloudy, the smell of rain is in the air
I've been running around all morning
doctors office, blood test, perscription
i have to go pick up my meds
then go to a meeting for the swim team i coach
then my sister is going to meet me at my work
so we can help each other with some school work
then i'm sure we'll probably go to the gym together
I got my tattoo touched up! It hurt. I felt like a baby ha ha. So with that wrist being puffy from the retouch, and the blood being drawn in the other arm..both my arms are tired. Hopefully they're better soon so I can do an arm workout. I can't bend my wrist much, don't want the ink to run out. It was worth it.
J upset me last night. I felt ignored. We hardly talked to eachother all night. I wanted to yell "HEY REMEMBER ME? I"M RIGHT HERE, SITTING ON YOUR BED!" He wanted me to eat some food, and I gladly went and bought some vegan meal. But complications arose, i ended up leaving his apartment:
"why are you going home?"
"I don't really have a reason"
"okay enjoy your food!"
"pshh I'm not eating anything tonight"
"why not?"
"i don't want to"
I'm a bitch. Maybe its PMS. My period is supposed to start in the next little bit. Ha. more like a week.
I'll try and comment on your blogs tonight! My work computer is being all screwy. Thanks for your support! I've gained another follower!! Woot


SBB said...

I <3 that show.
Boys drive us crazy. It is just what they do. They don't even have to do anything sometimes & they can still make us mad.
I would def. blame it on your period =P I'd love to see your tat...

*Princess*Smile* said...

woo its great that your weight is back down!!

ShrinkingSlowly said...

I saw a commercial about this show, and I was curious about it but never found out how to watch it. Thanks for the link!

I'm sorry you had a mini fight with J. I'm also sorry you're blood is being sucked out of you. Blood test. Tatoo, Period. I would be pretty moody if I was in your position.

zipped.lipped said...

Hooray on touching up your tattoo! :-) I desperately need to touch up mine too.

Ana's Girl said...

Wow. Fat people working out that much!? How do they even manage to do that? I can't even do that! I think you're probably right and it's not that beneficial to them in the long run. When they leave, they'll not work out that much, and probably just go back to their old habits.
You should post a picture of you tattoo! I'd love to see it. What? I'm obsessed with tats. Lol.
Sorry about your little tiff with J. I'm sure things will be better the next time you see him. Stay strong, lovely.