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Sunday, September 20, 2009

no thanks

PBandH sandwich 300
Coffee and some brownie(which I threw up after driving to my parents)

I went to my parents, dreading it. The car ride here made me sick though. I got to the house and had to hobble into the bathroom. When I came out my Mom asked if I wanted food. "No. I just threw up" So she gave me some water.

Usually when I go to my parents I binge and sometimes purge. I've had water. I don't feel like eating food. This is the first time my mom hasn't bugged me "eat. eat. eat." It wasn't hard to just ignore the food. My appetite disappeared after i threw up.

I was feeling restless so I took off on a 4 wheeler and smoked a laced cigarette(i've been smoking the M a lot this weekend and, but it helped calm me down!

Good news! I can kind of walk on my foot!
So if I just keep taking it easy I think it will continue to heal quite nicely.
I'm sore from using crutches ha ha! Its a plus.

This week I start coaching
I'll be really busy with that
I'm also signing the contract for my new apt!
I've got to get packing :)

GW 122 by next friday

Love you all


Ana's Girl said...

Yay for avoiding food. Parents' houses are the worst place as far as that goes. The parents almost beg you to binge, plus your mind is begging you to binge because you've binged there so many times before. Way to stay strong and avoid it. Stay busy, stay skinny :)

obsessionperfection said...

well it looks like you will deff. be busy! and sweet on sigining for you apt!!

and i am glad that your healing!

stay strong!

diente de león said...

Sorry ... I don't get it? Intake cereal and sandwich but you say you've been avoiding food?

Good news about your ankle. Does it still hurt? Hope not!
Nice from your mum, not making you eat this time :)

Ich liebe dich auch :D

sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

hey glad to hear you're doing ok.
sorry bout the ankle aw :O
hope it gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

I know you can make 122 by friday. glad to hear your getting off crutches. :)

stay strong.