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Friday, September 4, 2009

punching, kicking

Yesterday I went and handed out business cards with my boss and the other stylist. I walked around for hours at a nearby campus, and later, the mall. It made me want to go back to college sooooooo badly. Sigh. Soon I hope.

So crazy shit happened yesterday morning though. I got home and saw 3 bags of food on my porch. I was like "wtf". I ignored it until I got home last night. I looked through the bags. Peanut Butter, a food that often leads me to binge. Old fruit, canned veggies, butter, wheat products. I'm giving it to my sisters family. I don't know where the food came from. Maybe someone overheard that I'm completely broke, can't afford food? Ha ha. I like it that way though! I made myself a waffle, put PB and syrup on it. I ate it. Then realized I needed to get rid of all of it. I threw away the PB, waffle mix(gluten makes me sick anyway). I should probably feel a little guilty for wasting food, but at the same time it saved me from future binges, maybe even purges. So that was all I ate though, I went to the gym afterward. An hour on the eliptical felt grrreat. Then I punched and kicked a bag for about a half hour. For some reason that made me emotional, and wanting to cry. But wow kick boxing really makes me tired! I want to do it more often. Then I rode a bike for 30 minutes as I read "Wasted". x

i got on the scale this morning. I was scared. Monday I was 130-131(bloated). Tuesday/Wednesday I was 128.4. I stood on the scale with shorts and two tank tops. 127.4. I was alright with that. I took a quick shower and decided to weigh in completely nude(kinky jk)...126.6. Woot. I'm so happy. I don't even have a desire to eat today. J took me to get coffee this morning, and I'm probably going back to sleep until later tonight. If I do eat i'll stay under 200 cals. Meh. We'll see. I'm just happy I'm back down to 126.6. Which is too close to 127.

7 pounds until I'm 120. Then I can think about going shopping for some new clothes. And.. I'm basically out of debt! Anyway I'm about to pass out. 7 more pounds 7 more pounds.... woot.

3 new followers!! I'm so happy for your interest. my internet is shitty so i couldn't finish commenting on everyone's blog, but I will soon.


*Princess*Smile* said...

yay well done on losing all that poundage!!

and for having the will power to throw out all that food...i dont know if id of managed it


Ana's Girl said...

Wow you're doing so great! Keep it up.

ShrinkingSlowly said...
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ShrinkingSlowly said...

opps! Didn't mean to erase. I'm rewriting it.

I was tempted to take a nap, but after reading your post, I feel like exercising. You're good habits are rubbing off on me. =)

Sottile said...

awesome number on the scale! i always weigh myself with only underwear on lol. for some reason i feel like even a tank top will make me weigh a pound more. p.s. i am one of the new followers! yay! i just started my own blog ! think thin!

obsessionperfection said...

make that 4 new followers, cause your blog i think is inspiring!

good job losing weight! thats a super number!!

i am hoping i can stay strong!!!! =]

again congrats

p.s. i also try to wear as little as possible while weighing myself

Ana's Girl said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. You've no idea how much it helped :)

diente de león said...

what on earth happened to you?! 126 lbs! you must look lovely!
the thing about food on your porch is weird. Who would give you food? Without a card or something? I mean ... it would freak me out. haha. Really, I wouldn't touch a thing of it.

Have you called your mum? Maybe it's from her?
I love those comments above me. Most people are right. Your blog is lovely. :)


sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

you are such an inspiration. i know lots of people have probably told you that but seriously, reading your blog really helps me.
& ps, i looove the book wasted! i've read it like 3 times. i'm thinking of buying it so i can have it with me always.. hehe