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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Two pounds!

I have dropped two more pounds!! Kind of a pleasant surprise.

This update will be short as my husband will be wondering what I am doing and I don't want to argue about my blog.

I did really well with running this week! 2.3 miles, 2.5 miles and then 3 miles.

My feet are still swelling. I am going to the doctor for a check up on Monday. Hopefully she doesn't get mad about me running.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Working and working

6 days a week. I have started training for a book keeping job. I am really excited to be starting. For now I will have to be doing a lot of driving, but it's okay. When I experience hard things I need change.
It's been so nice cutting back on salon days. I make the same amount of money and I spend less than 30 hours there. I have to work less with my annoying co workers. I feel sad because I will lose some clients, but the best will stick with me.
I have not lost any weight all week. I ate way too much on Sunday and have been eating apt more the last couple days. I want to restrict but the way I have been doing it is really bad. Like barely eat breakfast, no lunch, and then finally a late dinner with the husband. I need to be eating small frequent meals so my metabolism doesn't get soooo low.
On a positive note I have been trying to do a little jogging. My feet and ankles are still retaining water, so I can't do too much. I ran just over a mile last week and then 2.5 on Monday. I hope to do another 2 miles tonight depending on when I get home.

I am really disgusted with my body. Even though I didn't really start showing before preeclampsia, I have post pregnancy boobs. It's disgusting. My boobs swelled huge and they took about 2 weeks to dry out. Now I have hideous stretch marks and saggy boobs. On the sides of my waist (obliques? Where love handles are, so glad I don't have those!) I already had white stretch marks. And they grew a little from my body swelling.

I hate wearing clothes and being put in public!!!!!! I hope running will help some of those things I just complained about.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It is such a bitter sweet thing, restricting. I know, for myself anyway, that if I restrict too much all the time I will eventually begin to not control myself. So as much as I has loved skipping out on lunches and not eating real dinners, I have to balance it out. I can't lose too much too soon, you usually just gain it all back.

It is so hard to try and lose weight the 'healthy' way. When I know I can get instant results from restricting.

Here are my legs

I have gone down 3 pounds since I last posted. I need to start doing some light exercise. I can't do too much because I still need to heal.

I was able to take my dog on some long walks last week. That felt nice. But I need to do some exercising for my abs, legs, and what have you. My gym pass just ran out. I think I will do a monthly pass at my city's rec center. It's $9 a month for students.

For now I am trying to survive finals and continue to catch up with school work. One more week

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Got on the scale

I did something stupid and got on the scale. I weighed myself yesterday and today. I went down 3 pounds, so I am still losing water weight.

I started tracking my calories though. Now that I don't have a baby to feed I don't need as much intake.

My legs look so skinny to me. I don't know if it's because I was swollen for longer than I realized, atrophy from being hospitalized, or both. I have no muscle in my calves. I kind of like it. But I realize once I start running again they will go back to normal.

I told my sister I didn't feel like eating, she is a social worker. She told me if I restrict my depression will get worse. She also suggested I start doing some walking and light jogging. Once the rest of the swelling goes away in my feet and ankles I will give jogging a go.

For now I plan on going on a walk with my puppy tomorrow. He is such a little bastard sometimes. Today I was outside burning some burnable trash, and he decided to just go on a walk. He went down a block and turned, that's where I found him anyway. Scared the hell out of me. He didn't have his leash on, and he doesn't know to stay out of the road.

I am going to start weighing myself every other morning. I am less than 10 pounds my usual weight. With some cardio my body will tone back up. With better intake my stomach will flatten.

Good night all.

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