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Friday, September 25, 2009

Try this

I, MJ, deserve to be 120 pounds.
Water will give me healthy skin and keep me hydrated.
Water will help me get to 120 pounds
Fruit will give me an energy boost
So I can work real hard to get to 120 pounds
Veggies will give me the vitamins and minerals I need
So I can maintain some type of healthiness as I reach 120
Protein(rice, beans, and tofu), will fuel my muscles when needed
So I will be toned when I reach 120
I don't always need food.
Bingeing won't make me beautiful
Purging won't make me beautiful
I will be 120 because I deserve it
I will use the gym to help me
I deserve to be 120 pounds

So. Thats me trying to think more positive. I don't believe you can lose a lot of weight, JUST WITH YOUR MIND(i read that in a book), but I do believe attitude makes a big difference. I didn't start losing weight again until I changed my attitude. I'm not too far off 120. I'm just going to continue working toward it. My ankle will probably take another week to heal :( boo.
! Not much going on really. I've just been busy with coaching and work. I started packing :) I can't wait to get to my new apartment.
Stay strong this weekend! I'll comment on your blogst later tonight
Thanks for the support


Steph said...

Aw that's great! It's great to be positive because it's close to impossible to make yourself do something when there's no motivation. Stay strong and you'll do great and you DO deserve to be 120!

Flushed said...

LOVES IT! I totally agree with you! In fact, I usually do!! What I love the most is that you do identify what's ailing you and try to make it better. We all trip up but you seem to always look for a way to fix the problem and not let it defeat you. And with this attitude (a'tude IS 90% of life's happiness) you will reach your GW in NO TIME!!!

You are amazing. And keep getting better!
Stay Strong! Heal Fast!