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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love my followers

1 hr eliptical: 660 cal
break to the bathroom to throw up(something didn't settle in my stomach yesterday)
26 min eliptical: 340 cal Total= 1000

Thursdays weight: 127.4

I didn't think I'd want to fast when I woke up.. but after reading Nad's blog(by the way that was so cute what you said to J. I'll let him know), and multiple others, I decided I do.
I've eaten a cereal bar 180
An apple 50
And some coffee

I'm starting a fast right now. 10:30 AM

I want to get down to 120 again. I'm so close. What is holding me back? I don't really know. Ha ha. So I'll start with at least a day of fasting.

I'll post a picture of my tattoo soon. I have to find the chord to my camera. Ana's Girl I'm looking for your thinspo request. Finding good stuff :)

Today I feel strong.
I have to say thanks to all my followers(3 new ones!)
I've got to go work at the salon
then i'll go to the gym for some arm workout, kicking, punching, and an hour and a half of cardio

Some good news:
I've got my credit card balance to 0!!!
I gave my sister both my cards.
No more spending money for me until I can learn some control
This means limited money. I hardly spend it on food
I can't wait to be saving money. Totally going to buy pants that fit

Well I'm off for now. Looking forward to post some new thinspo


elle x said...

good luck with your fast. stay strong hun

Brandee said...

Strength is in recovery~

obsessionperfection said...

great job! and good luck fasting.

I can base girls. my legs are very strong lol. and i am super good at high kicks=] they are very fun!!=]

and well of course i am! our 13 month is coming up tooo=]

ShrinkingSlowly said...

Good luck on your fast. I can already see you inching closer to that finish line!

MyNameIsMellon said...

Its a fastapaloza! Lol. Well good luck. Say strong <3 You'll hit 120 in the blink of an eye (thats what I'm going for now btw). <3 <3

Strength said...

good luck with fasting!! keep it up!!!

GTMS- Becca said...

you're doing such a greaaat job! Omgosh! :)

SBB said...

Wowww J sounds so freaking cute, adorable & amazing!
B&P's happen. I totally agree that we are "needing" something at the moment we binge. I almost feel like the binge is animalistic/hoardish almost..
Keep up the skinny thinking grl. Cant wait to see a pic of your tat! * & thanks for the comment on my blog on Wednesday; I really appreciate all the support I can get via comments!

zipped.lipped said...

Good luck on your fast!! :-)

SBB said...

Stay strong thru your fast. & I forgot to mention before congrats at getting your credit cards to a 0 balance that is awesome! I def. need to work on that.
Btw... I am super jealous of your close relationship with your sisters. I cannot even stand my sister.

diente de león said...

Saving money is wonderful - and again, you can treat yourself after a while. :) Good idea, giving both cards to your sister.
I'm so happy that you decided to fast! I hadn't read it yesterday when I ate my baguette but as soon as I did read it, I decided: Well, I can't let her fast on her own, can I?`Guess I'll just have to fast WITH her. Support you. :) Let's dooooo it.