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Friday, September 11, 2009


I went to the gym yesterday and nearly died! My little sister texted me " want to go to the gym?" I almost didn't go, and probably wouldn't have gone if she hadn't asked. (slap for bad behavior, and not thinking thin) I am now extremely sore from that intense leg workout wednesday, and killer cardio yesterday:

40 min eliptical 550 cal
20 min treadmill 170 cal
20 min of kicking, punching, and then stretching(yes I actually stretched)

Something stupid happened yesterday though: I got in a fucking 6! car accident. I hardly EVER drive my car, I swear. Its fucked. I was #5 though, so I didn't get hurt, my car definitely will need a new front bumper, I hope not a whole new back one though :(. I'm going to go in person to my insurance agent, and I refuse to pay for anything. I was actually NOT following close, I reacted as well as I could, but it just happened. Oh well. It could be worse. Scooter time 100%

Something good happened too though: I bought 12! new markers he he. Seriously I am easily entertained. I love drawing, writing, and what not. So many colors now! Guess what else...I'm moving to that APARTMENT! In 3 weeks. Not soon enough. I can't wait though!

I'm supposed to eat with my fellow stylist today. G made me a vegan 4 layer bean dip. I said I'd bring the chips..but I really don't want it. I couldn't sleep, again, and I sort of binged at 3:00 in the morning(i know I'm fucked up), but I didn't go over 600 cal. But I definitely can't eat with them. I think what I'll do is load my plate up, pretend I have to call someone, go outside for a while, dump the food in the trash, come back with a little left. Its gotta be done. I will not eat anymore today. I looked in the mirror this morning, and I can finally see a change in my body. I'm starting to slim down! I hate my arms, I always think they are so fat, and they take a lot of work to tone. But thats probably what I'll do at the gym. Arms, maybe swim(i need to give my legs a break). It will be an easy day.

So I have some amazing thinspo I found yesterday..good things are coming for sure!! I can't wait to post, probably tomorrow. I have like 40 photos ha ha. I'll edit later to let you know how work goes, and the whole avoiding of food.

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Ana's Girl said...

Soreness after a workout is killer...but in the best way possible. Just think how much fat you must have burnt to feel so sore! Can i steal your sister? Lol. I need someone to make me go to the gym.
Sorry about your car... I know all too well what it's like to have your car screwed up by something that was totally not your fault. It sucks!
Haha. I'd be excited over markers too :)
I hate my arms too. Not as much as i hate my stomach, but pretty darn close. Plus i'm almost afraid to tone because i build muscle pretty fast and i don't wanna look like a female body builder--GROSS! Lol.

sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

hey welldone for that awsome workout!
i agree with ana's girl, can you send you're sister in the mail for me.. hehe
my sister loses weight and doesn't tell me how she does it :(
arms are annooyyiinngg!!!!!
i hate mine.
but i can see you have a lot of control. you kept a binge below 600? you're amazing. so i beilive that those arms will be slimmer very soon.

Mina Belle said...

I'm one of your new followers!
I wish I had your control btw.

obsessionperfection said...

i am very glad that you are okay!!! i bet it was scary. i got into a little blunder myself last winter.

and i LOVEEE markers too!! lol

and i am glad that you saw a change in your body!! i hate my thghs lol

keep it upp!

Strength said...

i'm one of your new followers too!
sounds like you had quite a scare!! congrats in seeing a change that always feels good =)
keep up the skinny!