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Monday, September 7, 2009

Comments for All you Lovelies!!

My computer won't allow me to comment on any of your posts :( So here are some comments for everyone!!! I'll post in a few hours Thanks for reading my blog xoxo


Nads- I'm sorry about your love situation. Its hard to get over your first real love( if you do ever get over it). Love is insane, and it fucks up your emtion. I think you should believe your scale though. 131? Thats good! Try and stay focused and strong. We're here for you. I know I'm here for you

MynameisMellon- Keep up the work! Good job on the loss :) I hope you got to go on your nature hike. I love nature, its so refreshing.

Faz77 - 5 pounds isn't too bad of a gain! YOu will get rid of it easily. I'm sorry about the wisdom teeth, that can't be fun. Stay strong!

Dying to be Thin - My safe foods: water, pickles, salsa, celery, grapes, and rice cakes. What pill did you take to control your appetite? Sounds like you had a good time. Think thin! I've missed your posts.

shrinking Slowly- Sorry that the pool party fell through, but I guess if it was stressing you out than its probably for the best. I think you have an excellent mindset with just Changing your Lifestyle. Don't worry about the gain, you'll lose it fast! Do you do much cardio? I know that can help you lose some weight, just don't forget to weight lift as well :) Chin up!

Pro Ana- I love your pics :) So much fun. I think you have such a lovely face. Just keep figting the fight, and you will eventually find your contorl. I'm sorry about the whole Kahki ordeal, I'm sure no one thought you were fat. I don't like Kahki pants. Where is your new job?

ObsessionPerfection - I falss asleep and have nightmares of food, or people laughing at me because I"m yeah I know how taht goes. Can I start 02468 with you tomorrow as well? I will whether you like it or not so HA! :) Think thin

Millie- Your goal weights are totally do able! Keep it up

Ana angel- 4 pounds! Way to go. I hope you can go on your walk. That sounds lovely. Missed you!

I'm sorry I can't be Perfect - Its very interesting how different cultures can be. In most of Africa being skinny means you are in poverty, but I have heard that the "wanting to be skinny" is leaking over to their culture. Sigh. Its crazy.

Simple Minded- Your friend doesn't sound so nice :( Sorry she was rude to you. I'm sorry you purged too, i did the same on saturday. But hey the best we can do is get back on track! Good luck xoxo


obsessionperfection said...

that stinks that your comp is being dumbb. and of course you can!!

we got this!

ShrinkingSlowly said...

thnx for the support x)

Ana's Girl said...

Hey thanks for the comment on my pics. I was hoping someone would like them, rather than think i'm totally crazy for them (i think i'm crazy for them. lol.) My new job is at a grocery store. Go figure, Ana's Girl gets a job that's all about food. Lol. Oh well, it's a job, which is about a billion times better than no job.