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Saturday, September 12, 2009

re touch

I'm getting my tattoo retouched tomorrow night! Its going to look so clean, and dark. Finally. I want another one soooo bad. I'm thinking of doing a couple UV tattoos.

I'm at J's apartment. I have a migraine. I took the perscribed med, worked for a couple hours. I can't take anymore for another 3 hours. I would sleep, but i can't. So I'm stuck at dealing with it as best as possible.

Enough of complaining.

I have been so malnourished lately. I almost considered eating meat today. I have been getting plenty of carbohydrates, grains, and decent protein(rice, beans, peanut butter). I haven't been getting much fruit or veggies.
Sunday: Cleanse
Monday: Cleanse
Tuesday: Fruits, I'm cravin Fuji apples

Sunday: calisthetics
Monday: Cardio 1.5-2 hours
Tuedsay: Arms 30 min, abs 20, cardio 1.5-2

I think my legs are retaining water. I was was up 3.5 pounds, over night. Um...yeah. Definite water retention. I think its to do with the car accident, and then I might have over worked myself friday at the gym.

I started a new blog Imaginative Writing, It will be for my poems, short stories, etc. Feel free to check it out, give input.



sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

i've always thought they tattoos were really painful
the images in your last post look super sexy!
if i ever got the courage to get one, i'd get one of them!


SBB said...

I <3 tattoos.. they're great thinspo =)

obsessionperfection said...

oh my goodness!! i wanted to get a uv tatoo too! i think it would be soo sweet. but any who that sounds like a good plan to me=] and if i dont eat or i have my mind set... then i honestly wont binge. its when i start to feel like i am being dumb and un healthy that i eat "better" but i think i will try the ABC.
thanks so much for your support!

diente de león said...

ah tattoos. soon enough you'll have to add a picture of yourself to those tattoo thinspos you posted earlier.
How's the cleanse going?
Look at you, always finds the time to have a work out. good girl. :)
Hope you feel better with the migrane and stuff ...

Brandee said...

I hope to get a tattoo someday of the boys birth prints from their birth certificates with their names!
Your migraines won't get better with starvation hun. Headaches normally increase. there's always a trade off for what we want in life.
Carbs are brain food.
You may have edema if your legs are retaining water It's very painful and dangerous as it causes heart failure I believe. Please get it checked.
My Honda was totaled last year on the freeway when an 18 wheeler smashed into me. Needless to say I walked away (ok not walked, taken by ambulance but you get the idea). While I suffer with severe back pain, depression, eye sight problems, neck pain, and loss of appetite I have never heard of water retention because of an auto accident. It may be true in your case though but regardless hun, please get it checked!

Mina Belle said...

Oh Tattoo! I wanna get one once I turn 18. ((They don't look good on big bodies like mine so be happy with how skinny you've become <3.))
If you're retaining water like that I suggest you see a doctor or at least WebMD it.