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Sunday, September 13, 2009

For some reason

I was working on my writing course whilst drinking some black coffee. I smelled a ciggie. I walked over to the two people smoking "what are you smoking?"

its stuff my bf smokes. The nice cute(but gay) boy offered to roll me one. When leaving his friend said "here is another one, not as good as his" I appreciated it though. Smoked em both.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should join J outside as he smokes. I quit over a month ago. Had a few drags now and then. I don't want to continue smoking. So I will not go outside.

Today has been good
nice and relaxing
my legs feel stiff
but i'm seeing a doctor tomorrow

I am also signing a contract for my new place tomorow! I can't wait to move. I was texting my friend yesterday and guess what. Her mom is getting rid of an old mattress and box spring!! This means I have a bed for my new place!!! Woot.

Money has been tight for me lately.
I worked a lot last week, but my whole pay check will just go to bills
I have one client this week so far, tuesday, i will be able to buy some fruit
Fuji apples. my favorite

It finally doesn't smell like pollution today. The air is so bad where I live. But today. smells like rain, intoxicating!

I slept 6 hours straight last night!! I've been the biggest insomniac lately

How is everyone?



Mina Belle said...

Ah smoking...
I remember when I used to do that. I was losing sooooo much weight back then. but i'm under 18 and can get into some major trouble if I smoke again before I'm legal.
Congrats on the new place!
I'm moving in with like (literally) 10 people after graduation ha ha.
Try sleeping pills. You lose more weight the more you sleep so be sure to try it.

SBB said...

mm Fuji apples <3
Congrats on the bed. I hate bills & I hate having to pay them, but having them paid off is much better than not paying them =P
Hope your legs feel better

obsessionperfection said...

i love apples also! and money is tight for me tooo=[

sniffle sniffle..

i am great and i am glad you are too!!

Anonymous said...

Wow thats awesome you lucked into a great deal! thats awesome you decided not to smoke its so hard on your body! It killed my aunt well that and she love narcs! yuck!

Im sorry about you legs i would try ice hot that stuff works miracles on my craps and stiffness! lol

omg do you live in NY i would be so jealous if you did! I dream to live and study fashion there as soon as i graduate college! Probably should finish high school first lol!

love your blog its awesome and so is your writing blog! lol!

StAy stroNg! thin(K) thiN!!!
XOXO Lyndee

MyNameIsMellon said...

Rub it in why don't you *pouts* Miss the good stuff. Lol.I freakn looooooove fuji apples. Those things are so good. Mmmm... lol. My money is so tight its like a permanent recession in my bank account. =P Well, we'll pull through. Stay strong.

ShrinkingSlowly said...

Yeah for the mattress! You probably already know this, but try craigslist. I got tons of furniture for really cheap/ free there.

btw. Thanks so much for your recent comments. It really helped me out. =)

As for the vege soup, it's really easy to make. I just boil pre-made chicken broth. I then add any veges I want to eat (broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, etc). At the end, I add some soy sauce and red pepper to taste.

diente de león said...

Honey :)
Good for resisting the smoke with J.
I know it's tempting ... but I just read again how that does damage to your legs and arse. haha. cellulite. So don't do it :)

Ah money problems ... well it's a good thing you get your bed for free then, isn't it?
Just think yourself thin then. Don't spend your money on binges. In fact, you better safe your food-money. Treat yourself after a couple weeks to a new pair of shoes or something instead.

I love you :) And your blog :) and your comments. Haha.