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Monday, September 21, 2009

i love green

I'm proud of myself. I've stopped a lot of binges today. Why do I want to binge in the first place? Unknown. But here is some of my distractions:
Clean my dishes
Coach swim practice
Drink some coffee
Take a nap
Chew some gum
Clean J's dishes

What I didn't eat:
Muffin Top
Candy bar
More chocolate
Peanut Butter
Go Me.

What I did eat:
250 cals of pb and h sandwhich
50 cals apple sauce
An oatmeal cookie(but i avoided others)
Lots and lots of coffee

My ankle is healing up
I coached today, made me pretty tired to stand
but i'm off crutches
it hurts right now, but the 'healing' kind of hurt

My period is MIA. The longest I went between periods was 6 weeks..back in february; at that point I had to protein overload my body to try and get it started. Since I gained, my periods were as short as 3 and a half weeks. When I started losing weight again they started getting farther apart. Its been 4 weeks and two days. I've had definite PMS, but no M. AND I've been craving meat the past week?!? WTF. I dunno. Its been a year since i've had chicken, pork or beef. Almost a year since I've had any meat.

Have a lovely night! 61 followers!?! You're the best. Chin up everyone.


Flushed said...

PB and H. What's "H"?

Kudos on puttin on the Binge Breaks!!

Keep them exercising them breaks and they'll get Hercules Strong & you'll be Skinny Mini!

I dunno how you eat but eggwhites have been my Protein Savior! Since they're no carbs/fat/cholesterol/they're filling...and they're yummy to boot!


Fallen-Angel said...

I know it sounds bad but I can't wait until I get to the weight when I get no periods.
I used to be that thin a few years ago. I know it sounds awful but my PMS is so terrible and doctors can't help.
Oh well, well done in avoiding things :)

Sottile said...

Flushed: PB and H, honey? Just a guess :)

Great job on halting the binges before they got started! And here's hoping the period comes soon. Always made me feel so much less bloated to get the damn thing over with haha.

SBB said...

Congrats on avoiding binges and doing something constructive with the time that would have been wasted by pigging & then purging.
That's great that your ankle is healing up well. I'm having the same issue with my period and it makes me worry too.
You haven't had meat in a year? Wow that is impressive!

diente de león said...

That's quite a lot you didn't eat there. well done!
You craved meat? Be careful with that, my dear ... i was a vegetarian for years but one day I felt like wooow binge. do it. do it. And it had to be meat. Since then I can't go back to my veggie days. Careful, yeah?
I feel very connected to your ankle. Because you keep us updated on it. Say hello to your ankle. Hi there. Lovely ankle, will you be okay for dear Sticky tomorrow? Yeah? Thanks :)
(I love talking to J and ankles through comments ... hehe)
Oh you know what?
I know I said it'd be London, but let's just say I come and visit YOU when I'm ... 125 lbs? that okay? Then you can do my hair. Haha. I'll just combine the 127 treat (hair) and the new treat (125, visit you) so you can do my hair. Great idea, eh?

I'll try to find a photo so you can get an idea of my hair colour but I don't think it really shows on camera. But I'll try.

Und hier die tägliche Portion Deutsch für dich (learning by doing?):

Du bist mir furchtbar wichtig!

Love you

Brandee said...

You want to binge because your body is craving what it's being denied hun.
all foods fit and moderation is key. I hope someday you and your pro ana followers decide to follow recovery because if you have 61 followers (aside from me), roughly 6 of you will die or more, according to statistics.
I am 5'8 got down to 92 and still had periods. light ones but periods no less. It's dangerous not to get them. You are already in danger zone hun but I think you know this.

obsessionperfection said...

you are doing good! all that stuff that you didnt eat!

maybe we should all focus on food from that aspect from now on?

glad that your ankle is getting better!! i hate being injured.
about the meat thing, thats weird lol. but great job being veggie for that long!!=]

hope your day is going amazzing

lexy said...

Hey, im a new follower of yours. Stumbled across your blog not that long ago and thought it was great:) so i decided to start my own one off.
Well done with not bingeing(y). I like chewing gum when i feel like bingeing too, ive found it really takes your mind off it. Or if all else fails take a freezy cold shower lol.