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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I went to the doctors yesterday.  The doctor had me take a survey to try and determine what I could possibly be dealing with.  I wasn't enough of anything to really be diagnosed.  She said most likely I'm dealing with situational depression.  She gave me some mild anti depressants.  I told her I didn't want to gain weight, and I didn't want to be a zombie.  I googled the brand and looked at the reviews.  I felt really happy that most of them were positive, and only two reviews mentioned a weight gain.  In fact a read quite a few that they lost their appetite.  I'm still working out and if I noticed any gain I'll talk to the doctor right away..gaining would only make things worse.  I've been on it for two days, and its made me lose an appetite.  It will take a week or two to be more in my system but I already do feel as though I have more control.  With life, with eating.  Its great.

I worked out yesterday-forced myself to go the the gym, but once it was all said and done of course i was glad i went.  I went this morning as well 45 minutes on treadmill.  Abdominal work, and (something i'm horrible at) stretching.  I ate before i took my pill but  I haven't had an appetite since and I love it.  

I'm still at my hump..but i'll get past it soon.  I'm looking more and more toned and that means more than just weighing less.  I've done the skinny fat before, and its not pretty.  I've also done the skinny skinny and that just takes time :)

This lady was in at the salon today.  Told me "DON'T BE VEGAN"  I was pissed.  Very loudly she told me I was stupid, I would have health issues(hun you don't even know me), if I ever had kids(which I probably won't) will have issues.  Bitch, shut up.  I'm skinny, you're fat.  You're loud.  I know how to take care of myself.  I know about nutrition.  I know how to take care of myself.  And its enough that i struggle with an ED.  End of RANT

Don't let anyone push you around.  Be yourself.  


Meggy said...

holy shit is that you?!?! what great thinspo, either way!!

sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

that pic is so motivating!

omg don't you hate it when fat people try and give you advice on diet and tips &
its like..uh look at you, look at me
use your own fucking advice!

Tri Thin said...

everyone in the office just attacked me for being vegetarian - what do a bunch of fat rednecks know about health? nothing...but it still sucks to be harassed about what I choose to eat.

good luck with the meds, hope they work out for you.

Anonymous said...

I love that pick very inspiring! Your blog is awesome and i really hope the meds work for you! Stay strong!

I hate it when people critize me and say im killing myself but last time i checked obeasity was just as bad!?

xoxo Lyndee

Ana's Girl said...

That sounds awesome. You can be happy and not hungry all in one pill! Yay!

I'm confused... what's the skinny fat and the skinny skinny? Or am i just being dumb to not know what that means? Either way, i love to learn new things--especially things that have the word skinny in them. Lol.

That lady at the salon. How rude! She must not know anything about veganism because when you do it right, it's way more healthy for you than eating meat and cheese and crap. Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that lady in the salon is an absolute twat. You can get plenty of vitamins minerals iron protein etc from a vegan diet.. In fact, most meat eaters are three times as likely to be obese and are actually at risk of getting TOO MUCH protein which will wreak havoc on your kidneys because it cant handle breaking down that much. What a cuntface. Ignorant people irritate the shit out of me.

Anyways, im glad you might be getting things figured out! That's always a good feeling =) Keep up the good work!