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Monday, August 3, 2009

Catching up

So insane sickness seems to be subsiding at last! I am still a little off today but I think now its because of the mulitvitamins I've taken today. I've had a blended mocha and a bit of pasta today. Its nearly 5:00 and once I get off work I'm going to go to the gym. If I feel too weak I'll allow myself some low cal liquids. I'll be under 600 cals for sure.

Yesterday I did a 24 hour fast. Yet afterward I went and smoked and ate probably around 800-1000(not all at once). I am done with the greens. I just trip out too much and it scares me. I've also gone a week without even desiring a cigarette.

I've not lost, but maintained my weight. So I feel pretty good. I still have to figure out what my plan will be this week. I feel a lot lighter though, and a few people have commented on me looking less in weight, or at least more healthy :) I am thinking of making a new red bracelet for myself. I used to wear one for the longest time, and then J took it, and then gave it back eventally, and then it fell off my wrist without me noticing.

Think Thin everyone!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

im glad you are feeling better :)
you poor thing, prolly swine flu, lol.
thats good that you maintained your weight
and compliments are the best at reassuring
your weight loss <3

keep up the good work
you are obviously doing fabulous