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Sunday, August 30, 2009

10 +

39 followers!! Wohhoooo!!!!! You guys are so awesome for reading and supporting me. I hope I do the same in return. I ended up going to the gym yesterday. I took today off, but will get back in routine tomorrow. I've got to really watch my intake as well. I want to start losing!

I think I weigh 300 pounds today. Its okay that I have eaten like shit though[of course its not okay i just tell myself that] because tomorrow is a new day. pshhh how many times have I told myself that? Oh wait. Everyday ha ha.

I asked J what to blog about today. He knows about my 'secret' blog. He said to tell you all this:

I started writing on him with a permanent marker. I drew some abs, gave him a +10 for those. Next I drew a smiley face on his chest and wrote "kiss me" with an arrow--> pointing at his nipple. I'm insane okay?

I really probably am crazy. Just a warning.

I had a pretty decent day. I woke up and made J laugh all day. He said I was acting so silly. I was singing, messing around, I think it was a mixture of many things that caused me to be so silly. Sometimes you just gotta be silly

I went to my younger sister's new apartment[I say younger, not little because she is way taller than me:)]
We made potatoes, vegetables and homemade blueberry cobbler(all vegan and gluten free)
I usually allow myself to eat around my sister. I don't want her to see me with my ED. I don't want
her to start developing one. I support her decision of becoming Vegan like me, but unhealthy, like me.

Tomorrow I have an interview for a head coaching job!! I'm really excited. My Dad wants to take me
and my younger sister out to dinner. I didn't answer him if I could or couldn't go. I guess it depends
on where they decide to eat. I really just can't wait to go to the gym. I don't want anything to do with
food tomorrow

Its a new week. Lets make the best of it!!!



diente de león said...

I love drawing on people :)

Ana's Girl said...

You're an amazing supporter as well. I love all the comments you give to me, sweetie! :)

Haha. I love your story about drawing on J. It made me smile a whole bunch. Being crazy is a ton of fun.

Good luck and stay strong.

MyNameIsMellon said...

Hilarious XD. And thank YOU. Its a give and take, and you've been there to support all of us as well. Thx for being there, doll. <3

ShrinkingSlowly said...

Little bit of crazy is a good thing. lol.
I heart your J graffiti story.

Good luck today!

Skinniness said...

Haha, drawing on people is so much fun!
Good luck ;)

sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

yay for craziness!! wohoo!!!!!
you have many supporters because you're such a lovely supporter yourself.
you're awsome, you know that?
thanx for all your lovely comments hun.

Stick Thin said...

you are sweet :)