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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Comments for People

Skinniness- you sound like you are doing so well! I am glad I found your blog :) You're an inspiration for me, and I'm sure many others. Can't wait to hear more from you!

Thin forever I really wish I could help. All I can do is give you my words and support. Nothing is permanent. Life is always changing. I can't stay "don't worry, be happy" because I worry all the time, I struggle daily to be happy. Honestly why can't we have some down time? Its healthy. But I hope things do eventually level out for you. Thank you for your positive vibe, your thinspo and support

I'm sorry I can't be perfect- I'm glad you didn't binge :) Way to go

I've three new followers! Thank you so much for your interest. I can't wait to look at your blogs as well.

Last night I got in a major argument with J. I've come to realize he is very selfish. He is a caring person, but selfish. Things were said that just proved it more and more. He's not all to blame. I've been dealing with so many issues that I'm beginning to crack. He found out that I started cutting again and obviously got mad. But the conversation then turned into him blaming me for all this random shit. I didn't expect sympathy, cutting is stupid, but for him to go off and blame an already emotionally unstable person..what do you think will happen? I cut myself again. BUT!! and a big But. I called a doctor today to see if I can get on any medication to help me. I'll see her on Monday. This is going to be a one time visit though, and I don't want anti depressants. After doing research i'm finding that what i might need is a behavioral med.

I did a great ab workout last night. I decided to give my body a break from cardio. This morning, however, I did an awesome cardio workout :) I burned 600 cals! I've consumed less than 200 cals today. I hope everyone has a lovely day

stay strong


Ana's Girl said...

That was very unthoughtful of J... Ugh boys can be so awful sometimes. But then sometimes they're great. So confusing. Lol.

I'm new to your blog, but i'm loving it so far. You're quite strong. Keep it up.

P.S. I sat here and played with the weight loss model for like 10 minutes. haha. I'm so easily amused.

Anonymous said...

thanks for that reply =)
and thinks are going to be okay. i realize it will always be something with him and he is very selfish also. i am going to leave him, i will still write him letters and i will still be his friend. but no longer will i put him before me. this is my life and i have things to do.

and good luck on getting a behavioral med =) do you think you could possibly be bipolar? or maybe you should look into a possible therapist that would be able to help you better deal with the emotional stress you are under, they do sliding scales.. so if you are broke, it doesnt cost much. mine is like ten dollars per session =) some people cant talk about their feelings very well, me included, but mine has helped me so much.. its nice to have someone on a completely neutral standpoint =) hope things get better for you sugar! <3

sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

hey, i'm happy that you've decided to take that step and see a doc, even though its only a one time visit, i hope it helps you lots hunni.and good luck with the behavioral med.

and you seem to be in control of your exercise a l00t! welldone. keep it up!