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Monday, August 10, 2009


I've gotten another follower! I don't know who it is because I never pay attention(but I will now). So thank you whoever has started following me :)

Yesterday was an interesting day. I ate too much, but went for a 2 and a half mile run and that felt really good. I probably looked like such a silly girl. I ran to the park and went around it 4 times(2 miles) without stopping. I ran those two miles it under 20 minutes, so at least I can still run somewhat fast. For my cooldown I continued to circle it while I did some stretches, plies, hand stands on the grass. It was the sky that made me so giddy. It was beautiful. Yeah I ate too much but at least I went for a run. oh and I did 5 days of workout last week! That is my minimal goal, and i'm glad I at least accomplished that.

Daily: Drink 64 oz of water a day(at the very least). Never eat more than 800 cals. Stretch my muscles.

Weekly: Work out at least 5 times a day, 6 ideally, the 7th day do a light walk or jog. Fast one day a week. Lose at least 2 pounds a week(until I get light weight then it will be harder to lose, so maintain what I've lost)

Monthly: Do a cleanse lasting at least 3 days.

Daily: I don't know how to daily reward myself. Any ideas?

Weekly: I love coffee but I've been spending too much money, and drinking sugar filled mochas too often. So I'm cutting back. If I work out at least 5 days out of the week and have fasted one day I can have a sweet coffee.

Week2: If I've lost weight, worked out, done my fasts I can go tanning(i know this is stupid, but it motivates me. When I'm not so white I look slimmer)

Week3: If I'm losing/maintaing, working out, and fasting I can treat myself to a new book, cd, writing stuff(i love notebooks, pens etc) or whatever as long as its no more than 10 dollars.

Week4: If I'm losing/maintaining, working out, fasting and I've done my month cleanse I can get a new article of clothing.

does anyone have other ideas? goals? rewards? is this stupid? he he love ya'll

stay hungry


heebeejebus! said...

Your goals sound great. And great job on your run, it sounds really fun. : )

Skinniness said...

Wow, those goals are a really smart extra motivation!

diente de león said...

sounds like a plan! and your rewards are more than okay, too. i hope you stick to your plan.
daily reward could be something like being fucking lazy for an hour, watch a stupid soap and read AFTER your work out? or get a massage from a friend? something like that :)

and all that running yesterday`? well done!!! I am proud of you, i really am. cant get my own arse up and go for a run but at least someone does :)