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Monday, August 10, 2009

Diente de Leon- for you

For some reason i couldn't post a comment on your blog. I tried twice and they were long posts.

I know the feeling of wanting to start fresh. Go somewhere you've never gone, be around people who have no preconceptions of you. In a sense I did this the past few months. I met new people, and even changed my name. I turned into another person essentially and now I don't know who I am ha ha. So if you do get the chance to travel, never forget that being yourself is the best way to be. I'm sure you already know that.

I have never been a flirtatious girl. I don't really know how. The two real boyfriends I have had were amazing though. I can honestly say that being able to trust someone 100% is WORTH it. When you find a connection, and share it deeply with someone, it is a very secure and safe feeling. I wouldn't trade it for anything. So I hope one day soon you'll be able to exprience that with someone special. Maybe bring yourself to a new scene(outside of the party scent) to meet someone new. You are lucky that you have the skills(and looks) to attract guys. I'm sure you'll be able to use it on someone special who will love and, adore, and do ANYTHING for you.

I'm sorry about your stepfather. It doesn't sound like a happy relationshiop. Do you get along with your mother somewhat better? I am often bothered by those people who are older than me. They think they know so much more just because they've been alive longer. Its bullshit. Age is just a number. I think what truly determines someone's maturity is through life expreience. Stay strong

As far as your weight and control. Just try and make each day better than the last. Keep strong, don't be too hard on yourself. We are all striving for a perfection, whatever perfect is for you, and its best if you try and stay positive.



Anonymous said...

i am unwell.


diente de león said...

Aaaw ...
I love you.

Thank you sooo so so much! This means a lot to me!
I think you really do understand me a bit.
And you're probably right ... changing everything isn't the solution. I should try and be me, too.

Unfortunately my mum and I are still fighting. Thought it was a bit better but that was because I only saw her in the office and we have a strict rule: no personal life in the office. So there was no chance to fight. Haha.

Thank you for this post. What you said about my skills and finding love motivates me in a weird way. And I guess you’re right, I should try and find someone outside of this party scene.