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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its in the Head

I hate facebook, mostly. I logged on yesterday and noticed my friend tagged me in some photos. These photos were from her wedding last summer. My stomach dropped in dread. That was when I was 147. 147. Sick sick sick. I was with J when I looked at the pictures. My mood instantly changed and I wouldn't tell him why.

Why was I upset? even at 127 pounds(currently) I still think I look fat and huge. I see myself as the same weight. I explained that to him and of course he couldn't understand. Sigh. Oh well.

Total intake yesterday was about 600 :) I ended up making grilled tofu, tofu noodles, and low cal veggies, threw it all together to make a wonderful stir fry!! I love low cal dinners. Guilt free dinners I should say. I played soccer for a bit with J, so I burned some calories. Today I'm going to do mucho cardio again :)

Stay Hungry everyone

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Ana's Girl said...

Of course J didn't understand. You have to experience that awful feeling to fully understand it. Just be happy for him that he didn't understand. Sounds like you did great on your intake. Keep up your good work.