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Monday, August 31, 2009

ready set go

What you are, who you choose to be.
Define. Life. Meaning. Less
But we're here.
What are you to make of it?
Make a good day?
Fear a bad day. Change.
You have the power.
The decision, yours.
Yet. Why?
Sinking. Not drowning. Inhale
Frozen and Shaking. In a blanket of warmth?
Beauty. Essence. Time.
the alarm keeps ringing. The snooze button repeatedly pressed.
All it takes is strength.
Open the blinds.
come out of hiding.
The blue above.
Did you notice?
Truth or dare? I dare you to try.
Once is all it takes, then you'll be hooked.
others might follow, so, come on
My attempts at being a Poet. I am going to dinner tonight with my Dad and younger sister. I'm not stressed. There is no reason to stress. I will be drinking a lot of water, and eating minimal food. As soon as the last bit of food hits my mouth i will start my watch....ready.. set..
I'm doing it just because I can. I dunno. Fasting is a personal choice. I do it for various reasons, but I don't think its the best way to lose weight. Sometimes it just feels good to have that control. Other times its nice to feel empty, you know the 'high'. I'll let you know when I start. I'll let you know how i progress. I want to get this dinner over with so I can go workout.
Stay hungry everyone :)

Edit: I started my fast at 8:00 pm. 3 hours down ha ha.

Dinner went well.[i ate a decent amount, swallowed some milk of magnesia afte] Afterward I went to the gym with my older sister. She was teaching me to box. I had so much fun! I bet if I keep it up I'll get toned! While we were there she saw what I'd written in permanent marker all over my thigh and a little on my stomach "FAT". I don't know if I told anyone that. Great you'll all think I"m crazy :( Anyway I did it on sunday. This is my older sister who has a blog called "KILLTHESCALE" She nearly was hospitalized for an ED. So yeah she is double suspicious of me now. I just told her that I have body dismorphia(which I do hella bad), "but I eat enough. don't worry"

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Ana's Girl said...

I love the feeling of control i get when i fast. You're right; it's not the best way to lose weight, but it just feels good for some reason. I couldn't agree more. And your "attempt" at being a poet, call it a success ;)