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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bloody Knuckle

I cut my finger doing my friends hair yesterday. No one is perfect :)

I had a pretty good day yesterday. J didn't though, he stopped by and I cheered him up best I could. After he went back to work I went to the gym. An hour eliptical, half hour running, half hour eliptical. Then I did some stretching and abdominals. I felt sooo good. I burned at least 1500 cals. Thats almost half a pound! I was so estatic. Today I though I'd be so dead from doing it, but I'm not :)

I've had about 150 calories so far today. I stopped by J's placs this morning to surprise him with his favorite coffee drink. He is so cute and cuddly in the morning. It kills me ha ha. I'm having dinner with J tonight, well I'm attempting to make him something. Tofu, vegetables. Very low cal.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to post some thinspo tomorrow when I have my own computer, and privacy. People sit by me now so they would probably be a little freaked if they saw me browsing a bunch of thinspo pictures. Oh and thanks for the interest to my new follower! I appreciate everyone's support, and I hope I can do the same in return



KEMPER said...

Wow... you're doing so well!
It feels so awesome when you get up the next day well-rested after working so hard.

Ana's Girl said...

i envy your exercise strength. Wow. I barely crank out a half hour of strength training each day. How did you find so much stamina?

Stick Thin said...

I looked in the mirror. Freaked out. Had to go to the gym and just told myself "Stay until you've burned 1500".