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Friday, October 2, 2009


No longer a slave to the porcelean God
I'm taking a stance
I'm taking Control
Its nonesense
Its crazy

I'm moving today! I can't wait. I just have a few more hours at work, coaching, work and then I get to bring a car load of stuff to my new place. I checked the scale this morning..drum roll...heart pound.. down a pound! Thats exciting. I've had null to eat today. If J and I smoke tonight I'll probably have some plain rice chex and almond milk. I don't feel guilty for those. In fact they will make me strong and beautiful. Healthier than eating sugar when I have the munchies.
Last night I stayed in pretty good control. J offered to buy me some milk and cereal, but I declined. I'd eaten about 600 so far and didn't feel like anymore food. After we made an apple pipe and seemed a little more appealing. He fed me some chips and salsa while I cooked him some salmon. THEN we ate some Rice Dream(equivalent to ice cream) I didn't eat as much as him..but my total intake yesterday was proably around 1000(some in liquid form). I'm okay with that. I know some of you may think thats a huge number, back in the day when I was under 118 I thought that was a huge number. But I'm down a pound. I didn't feel like purging, so I'm happy.
Its getting colder. I was sitting outside with J and he asked if his nose was red. It was. "Its because I have blood circulating there, you on the other hand have no red nose, but its freezing." I've always had poor circulation.
68 followers!! I'm so happy. I hope it keeps climbing. It really is amazing that I have support from all of you. That means I have 32 more people until I post a picture of myself. Maybe even one of me and J. We are cute. And he is a great thinspo. Maybe I can be it too.
Stay strong this weekend! Its okay to eat food now and then, but don't let it get out of control!!!

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what if summer... said...

It's good to have "safe" foods for when you have the munchies. It's better than the typical lineup of pure shit that goes along with smokin a J.