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Friday, October 23, 2009

Card E Yo

Yesterday I was fighting the urge to binge
I kept thinking what I would binge on
Then I quickly told myself No!

Instead I went to the gym
Used the eliptical for an hour, burned 600 cal
then I did some ab work and triceps

Instead of looking bloated from a possible binge
today i look thin!

Today haven't had any food.
I'm not sure how the rest of the day will go
but i'll keep my intake low

I promise to write a new post soon. And I've started finding halloween stuff!

90 followers!! You guys are the best


Flushed said...

So Inspiring!! I luv it!!

Great job Skinny Minny!!

Keep up the awesomeness :)


Juliana. said...
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Fallen-Angel said...

600 cal! WOOP :D
Well done! I wish I had an eliptical or treadmill at home.
Great to hear you're doing so well.

ana_bella said...

well done! avoiding a potential binge is incredibly difficult to do so good on you!

Ana's Girl said...

You're amazing! Keep it up.

Felicity said...

Well done! I hope the rest of the day has gone well for you. x

diente de león said...

Woohee! you're doing bloody good these days arent you?
well continue the good work so i can be proud!
:) still looking forward to the halloween thinspo!

Skinny_in_a_fatty said...

Well done honey. Thank you for all the lovely posts you send me they really are appreciated! Hope today was a skinny day for you and you boy is just too cute. Much love