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Monday, October 26, 2009

Ah the feeling of being empty

Yesterday I had a banana at about 2:00 pm. Then some coffee. I went to work for a few hours which was good because I need money. J and I went back to his place and I was so grumpy, I needed food. My intake has been really low and I'm trying to recover from being sick, so food was okay for me last night.

We made homemade burritos. I started baking the tortillas, one for me, two for J. He started eating his and said "i'll be impressed if you can finish that". I wanted to eat the whole thing, my intake would have safely stayed around 500 even if I ate the whole thing. Well honestly I did have a screw driver and some spiked coffee, but anyway...I couldn't finish the burrito. I felt satisfied and no need to finish it at all!

This morning I've had a few strawberries, coffee, and a bite of a pb sandwhich. I feel great. I am feeling thin again and I want to keep it up. I stopped weighing myself everyday and I really think thats helping. When I don't know what I weigh I don't want to chance messing it up, so I stay stronger. Anyway... I love you all!!

Stay strong


heather said...

lucky i wish i had your motivation.. i havent been able to keep under 700 calories, which is pretty disgusting. how to do you keep your motivations?

Sarah. said...

ahh i know what you mean by no weighing and feeling different.. i havent weighed myself since the exams started.. so likkkeeee a month nearly..
i feel lighter then before, but i dont know..
its so hard though, that urge to step on the scale at least 50 times a day, at least when you're not, that means its not dictating your mood..
i for one am feeling happier and lighter without it.
but i will weigh myself soon, so see if theres been any progress haha
:) x

Flushed said...

So happy that you are feeling thin again! You got the momentum and skinny vibes going, keep it up luv you're doing fantastical!!


diente de león said...

Heeyyy ...
uhm. i'm sorry. I guess my last post wasn't very nice and hope ... well I'm pretty sure you know that it wasn't because of you or certain other bloggers who I really love.
Uhm. I'm saying this because I know I had a go at quite a few bloggers here and I just want to make sure that you're not one of them.
And you know what, I really am happy everytime I read that you resist food or tortilas and stuff like this - mainly because you are so lovely. you seriously are one of my favourite people here.
hopefully you can avoid the scales for another couple days, then step on them and then there's a nice reward for you. That would be lovely, woulnd't it?

*Princess*Smile* said...

so glad to hear that your doing so well! & fantastic hob on the burrito! I would have gobbled it all like a fat little hobbit :)

MyNameIsMellon said...

That last bit is definatly true. I usually weigh everyday, and now that I haven't I feel like I should eat less so as not to mess it up. Congrats on the really low intake. You're so very strong. <3