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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


before miss flow decided to bloat me

I stayed up for 32 hours, slept for 2 and am awake again. So i'm doing a quick post.

I looked at some online job opportunities, as I mentioned in my last post the magazine job wanted me to send them some sample articles.. well I checked my email last night and received other good new. Another writing job I inquired about asked me to send in a Resume.

A resume for my writing skill
it was a sad resume

But guess what!!

They asked me to send in some sample writing as well.

Still on my period. Feel gross and bloated. I'm high. and need to pass out before i go on a munchie rampage.

Stay strong and i'll do a much better post when I'm off my period. I just am too grumpy ha ha.

oh p.s. look forward to some halloween thinspo!!


SBB said...

I am so so so jealous of your tummy!!!
=) That is sooo exciting about the second writing job! Fingers crossed hun =)
Ew no sleep for 32 hours? I would probably be in my bed crying =\ lol. I hope you get more than two hours soon!

Ana's Girl said...

Halloween Thinspo!?!?! AAAAAHHH! I am way too excited for that! Lol. Can't wait; can't wait; can't wait!
Anyways, i wish you the very best on those jobs. I hope you get whichever one pays more. Lol. Much much love.

Emily said...

Also looking forward to Halloween thinspo. And you have a gorgeous tummy, I want it so bad!



Sarah. said...

ohhh i want your stomach!! ouuuch pretty lady, you need to get some more sleep into you!! thats crazy!

Felicity said...

I'm jealous of your stomach, lucky girl. And Halloween thinspo... wow.

Good luck on the writing jobs. Hope you've managed to get some sleep now. x

kk said...

rrrrreally looking forward to the halloween thinspo!!!! excited!!!
love, kk

Anonymous said...

your abdomen is FLAT.
i mean, envious FLAT.

congrats on the job :)

your stats & mine are almost the same .. BUT you do weigh less than me at the moment. **jealous**

diente de león said...

aaaaaaaaaaah you're going to be a writer!
amazing! congrats. you deserve it. and i hope it'll be a nice change for you. you make money, too, then, won't you? Nice. very nice!
and your tummy is lovely. looks a lot better than mine, believe me.
oh i'm really looking forward to the halloween thinspo :)
love you too!

Lily said...

That is great news for your career! I envy your stomach right now...
Keep up the good work.

Rand115 said...

Jealous!!! Tu est belle!

note: I can't speak french but I wish I could :P