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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Hair

So someone I've always loved, Agynes Dyne, is a very beautiful model, amazing thinspo..and I've always loved her hair. I'm usually dark, the second photo shows you my darker side. Yet secretly I've wanted to be Agyness. Today, after buying J a sandwhich, and myself a salad mostly full of lettuce with a few berries and cinammon coater almond chunks, I decided I wanted go blonde. All the stuff I needed was in the trunk of my car.

I texted my little sister, I'm trying to spend time with her now
and then to help her out.
I needed her help to do the back of my head.
She asked why I was going to drastic.
I said "I need a big change"

That is the truth. I really do need some type of change to help me stay motivated to be
productive with my life.

I want to be platinum but I decided to do the best I could in one day
Without destroying my hair.
The lighting makes it look really gross yellow.
The ends are the issue. Not allowing me to lift it as high as I'd like.
The parts that I did get enough to lift are pretty white :)
So when I get it to the color I'll want I'll post a picture of it
and maybe of the rest of my body

Big question is: What do you think?

I had a good day today :)
Worked out with my older sister
An hour total. 30 cardio, 30 arms and abs
( i also did some stuff last night at J's)

I haven't checked my weight for a while because i am hardly at my old place.
Yeah stuck in limbo at the moment with my living arrangements
I still have to clean out the old place
I don't have furniture for the new place(but i'm getting some next week!)
sigh. I'll be moved eventually :)

Thanks for all your lovely comments! STay strong! Stay positive. Don't get too hard on yourself
just try your best and that in and of itself is a success!


Fallen-Angel said...

Omg! Lush :D

Thanks for my comment, I always really appriciate them :)

Sarah. said...

Ahhh looks fantastic!!
Yeah, give it some time before you go platinum.. Needs time to recover and everything, lots of treatments so it you dont get breakage!!
Im amazed at how blonde it went in one go, wow! First time i went from dark to light, i had orange hair for a few weeks :|

SBB said...

Omg Omg I loveeeee your hair! I get needing a big change... and hair is usually the easiest to change! Can't wait to see a full pic of you! The parts that you have shown us are absolutely GORGEOUS!
I hope your sister is doing better. I'm sure she really appreciates all the time you spend with her.
oO are you going furniture shopping? I love furniture shopping lol.. I'm odd like that.
Hope you have another strong day!!
def love the new look btw.. I swear blondes have more fun! Jerks. lol

diente de león said...

that looks like your natural hair colour, actually. i like it :)

gosh you look just like my ex girlfriend, i swear.
your nose and mouth ... boy. you're sure you're not from germany?

haha. that's creepy!!

Stick Thin said...

you guys are so sweet. i'm still getting used to it. Thanks!

Emily said...

I agree, it looks like its a natural color on you! And those shaggy edges are so sexy! I need a haircut....

Very pretty!



Anonymous said...

Woa. It's awesome. You must feel like a shiny new penny. :)

MyNameIsMellon said...

I LOVE your hair. You look absolutely gorgeous. And I love Agynes too. She is definitely in my top 10.

anylanet said...
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