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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Its best when you feel that strength

My body feels sore, my guess is from a small workout I did a few days ago. I am going to the gym tomorrow. I'll work on my arms, and do as much leg as I can. My ankle is doing a lot better, so I'll take it easy. I feel happy.

In control
I feel thinner. and i'm going to keep going.

I'm going to do a liquid diet starting tomorrow. 300, 200, 100, 0. It will feel really good. And I promise I'm going to stick to it. I'll be posting all my intake.

I color and cut my Mom's hair last night. She is so giving because I owe her money. After the hair was taken care of she wrote me a check for my meds, and asks "How much do you want me to pay you for doing your hair"

"I'm not going to charge you for that" I said to her

"You said that last time too"

She really is a good mother. We've been getting a long a lot better, surprisingly.

Anyway. Who is going to have control with me? Lets do this.

Thanks for being supportive. I love you all.


Mina Belle said...

((*Overwhelming jealously. I wish My mother was like yours*))

SBB said...

I'm going to have control with youuu =) It's so much better than that nasty feeling B&P gives you *sigh*
Your mom sounds awesome! That's really good you've been getting along well =)
Have a good workout at the gym hun <3

Ana's Girl said...

"I feel happy." That's my favorite part of this post. Everyone else seems so sad, but you're happy. I'm so glad. :)
I love you! Let's be strong. I can't get away with liquid fasting, but i'm going to be as strong as everyone will let me. Let's do it!!!

obsessionperfection said...

i have missed you too!i am sorry that i was like mia. lol (missing in action that is )

i am so happy that you and your mom are getting along!!

good luck with the juice fast! i have lost weight!! wooo hooo lol

great job though!