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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello Its ME!


Lovely day. I coached my swim team and it went faster than I anticipated. I met up with J for some coffee. He is a babe. Anyway. All I'd eaten before that was.. well honestly I can't remember. Maybe some type of fruit I think. Before going to the gym I had an apple and protein bar..240 ish cals. I burned 600 again at the gym.

My band played a show last night. Our band is The Iso Principle, thats the blog with some links to listen to the music. J came with his supervisor David. I was so glad they were there to support us! Really boost our morale. I drove J and David back to work and we stayed there and had some great bonda adderoll ge. I used something to the affect of.. I really need to get that prescribed to me.


I stayed awake through the night again.. because of the stuff. J and I haven't been able to kiss because he has a cold sore :(. Well we were sailing quite high and couldn't stop, I avoided the sore, washed my lips and what not. Its torture not being able to kiss each other. We talked for hours and hours, I feel so close to him. I had to go coach for a few hours this morning and we had some awesome swims!

I hadn't eaten since yesterday before the gym. I didn't want solid foods but I did need something to get rid of my headache. Fresh Fruit Smoothie? So delicious. I mixed up some orange juice, banana, strawberry and kiwi. I shared it with J. Probably about 150 cals total. I slept until the evening and my headache came back. J asked me to try and eat to feel better. So I basically liquid fasted before having a small portion of rice pasta. I can feel my collarbones starting to protrude a bit more!

Ladies and Gents. I love you!


sorry_i_can't_be_perfect said...

sounds like everything's falling into place for you.
keep it up babe! we're all here for you!!!

Skinny_in_a_fatty said...

Ahhh well done sweetie! You make it seem so effortless. Hope it all continues to go well.
Much love

SBB said...

=) Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!
Hopefully J's lip heals soon so you can kiss him properly!!

Flushed said...

Hello YOU!! Yay for collar bones!!

Sounds like your doing pretty good there girly! I'm so glad. (w/the exception of kissing)


MyNameIsMellon said...

Awesome. You have such a busy, active schedule *Jealous* Seems like all I do is school, study, then school. I need to put some more on my plate (figuratively speaking, of course). And a band? I seriously envy you. How do you find the time/energy? Btw, congrats on the liquid fasting. ;)

Felicity said...

It sounds like you've done well this weekend, go you! I hope you get to kiss J soon.


diente de león said...

you life sounds so good lately. i am really happy for you. the things about writing, coaching, J(!), your active schedule ... well that's good for not being able to eat all the time, isn't it?
yay for those collarbones.
and the fast!

Lily said...

I was going to go grab something to eat when I had the idea to check my blog first! Thanks so much for your comment. It saved my fast!
Keep strong.