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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I love being a hairstylist

And so I have baggy eyes and no make up..but I am now super blonde
He he go modeling poses!!!!

I had a very good day thus far. J and I went on an hour walk.
Sadly he had to go to work but I went and did some shopping.
I got that new shirt in my pic. I hardly ever buy color
I'm going to do some crunches and leg lifts before he gets back.

I wrote a personal essay yesterday: Allergy
After writing it I read the words and couldn't believe it was mine.

Not more to say. I feel the period coming
sore boobs all fucking day. its annoying

I love you all! Lets make this week awesome!!!


Matilda B. said...

aww you look sooo pretty! Even without make up! I love you haiir and your new shirt! And yup lets make this week supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! Oh! sorry i'm a dork! I just love that word! lol

Sar said...

Sexxyyy !!

Yes, let's make this week great! xo

what if summer... said...

Agh! Sore boobs are the worst. Cute shirt and bitchin hair! I don't think you look bored and strung out enough in your model pose though lol

Here's to the great week! :)


Fallen-Angel said...

My god your hair is LUSH :D
I want it ^-^


SBB said...

I adore your hair! <3
And your shirt lol.
So down for making this week awesome!

LittleLovelyLola said...

Whadda hot ass, I love the hair.
And I am so game for an awesome week!

diente de león said...

link's not working :( why? would have loved to read it.
love your shirt, too. i think i got exactly the same. haha.
go modeling poses. yaaay. whoopdidooops!

Felicity said...

I love your hair and shirt, adorable.
This will be an awesome week, I know it :)

Mina Belle said...

Too Pretty! You are SOOOOO adorable...

Anonymous said...

HEy girly well sucks being in highshcool cus people can take your phone away! lol but ill text you as soon as i can you will be pleased to here i lost almost 10lbs!!!im so excited and i miss you dearly! i L-O-V-E your hair it really looks awesome! stay strong! Thin(K) thin!
XOXO Lyndee

PeriAdot (G+P) said...

Wooo caught up! :D
*Follows all sneaky like*

I love your hair! Can I steal it, please? 0.0