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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tattoo. j.

This is J(limited time to look at it before i remove the pic)
This is the tattoo I got in April :) Basically its to help remind me that if i ever get as low as i did at one point(i.e. major cutting and suicidal) I don't need to turn there. I can find peace and refuge in other places. I made the peace sign kind of chinese looking because i've always wanted a chinese tattoo, but who knows if i'd be getting the right symbol. lastly i put it on my wrist to cover up some scars from when i used to cut a lot. hurt like a bitch, but worth it


Sarah. said...

tiny tiny little wrist!
love the tattoo
and J is adorable, you two are great for each other :)

Brandee said...

Neat tat. I hope to get the Neda symbol on my ankle where I used to cut and burn.
Take care of you hun~

diente de león said...

ah yeah flush was the word. haha. thanks. cant believe i didnt remember this word.

btw i love your chinese peace idea!

Fallen-Angel said...

Gosh, he's very pretty :)
I love your tattoo too.
I want to get one like that, one that has meaning...

SBB said...

I love your tat hun, I especially love what it represents to you. I love that the meaning is hidden and personal but it's also right there for the world to see.

Ana's Girl said...

I know why you're only letting the picture of J up for a limited time: you don't want us to steal him from you! Lol. He's a cutie.
And the tattoo is beautiful.

2BThinAgain said...

J is cute! he reminds me of shaggy from Scooby Doo, but in an adorable huggable way. :D

Stay strong. I kept my scars as the reminder, but I'm glad you found something that will help you.

Matilda B. said...

nice tattoo! :)