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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lovely Thursday

Hey everyone! Let me start with I love you!! 100 followers! I 'm thrilled and I'll be posting haloween thinspo tonight or tomorrow. I've been trying to post on your blogs but my computer is being really stupid..I've not forgotten you I promise! Here is a bunch of hugs and kisses to you all!! And Skinnies I'm so jealous that you got to go to MUSE!!

Okay my life: Tuesday was uneventful. Mostly just slept and probably ate a little more than I should have. I had a banana at 1:00 and then later that night some strawberries, and later that night something else, oh a sandwhich. I probably stayed around 800, but no workout that day so it was no bueno.

Wednesday: I stayed busy. I had cereal and a banan for breakfast. The head coaches son offered me a doughnut at practice..easily said no. I ate around 900 cals total but burned 800 minimum at the gym and I went tanning. You know I don't know why but being tan makes you look thinner. And i haven't gone forever so it felt really nice since its starting to get really cold here. I freaked out last night though after I ate dinner. Lets see two pieces of toast plus butter(the toast was pretty high cal but soo good) 300 cal though I'm guessing and then less guilty food; vegetable soup at 180 cal for the whole can!! praise the skinny goddess. But I was still freaking out. Good thing I got to go to the gym. Oh and Scotile posted about Colonic Massages. OMG such an amazing secret. Its been doing wonders for my bowels. I've been trying to avoid laxies and usually I only take them/drink(milk of magnesia) when I binge. Which has been a long time, but still they make me sick and the colonic massages help.

This morning I went to early morning dryland. We did wall sits, lunges, abs, shoulders. I ate another two pieces of toast to give me energy but hopefully with an hour of working out i burned most of it off :( maybe? I'm pretty confident I'll be okay. I got some coffee on my way to work. I haven't been to work all week :s not so good because I need the money but hopefully I can still get a bunch of hours tomorrow-sunday. I am going to be pretty busy the rest of the day hoping to finish the day off with just liquids and maybe some soup. Today's schedule:


nephews party(birthday cake :s I just need to say no)

band practice

gym? i think some more cardio sounds lovely

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow I might fast? Anyone want to join? Saturday I have a swim fundraiser, Imight participate to help raise money. We are doing a swim-a-thon, swim as many laps as you can kind of deal. I think I could go for a long time, and just think how many cals I'd burn! I'm going to carve pumpkins too :) Then saturday night J and David are going to come to my new apartment and we are going to have a mild haloween party. Get high and pissed most likely. I want to pass out candy to kids and watch Hanibal. Oh how I love sir anthony hopkins. I just need to get through the next 48 hours.

Stay strong my skinnies! And some followers asked what my next GW was. Its 120. It really helps that I don't weigh everyday. Even after seeing the scale at 124.4 I ate more the next two days(tuesdsay/wednesday). I think the next time I weigh will be next thursday. How does that sound to everyone? Bueno? I hope to be under 120 by thanksgiving and maintain low teens throughout the holidays. I've been pretty good with not eating too many sweets, it totally makes me look better. Sugar doesn't really make me gain a ton of weight, but it definitely makes me look fat. When I cut it out within a few days my love handles shrink. I've avoided binges and candy most of this month and I'm happy for that because september was purge galore month! ew. I don't know what my november plan is yet(mainly thanksgiving) but I've got to think up something soon. I love you all!! Don't forget.


Felicity said...

Sounds like the past few days have been great for you! Well done on saying 'no' to the doughnut... I always cave in with doughnuts and cake.

I'll join you on a fast tomorrow. I haven't fasted for a while, and my binging has been awful recently, so I think a fast is in order.

Can't wait for your Halloween thinspo :)


LivingDeadGirl said...

Sounds like you're doing pretty good :) I'll join in on the fast!

Signe said...

beautiful pic.

Sottile said...

Yay! I am happy the massage has been working for you! I'm looking forward to Halloween thinspo :)

Flushed said...

Best of luck on your fast! What's this massage you speak of? And Milk of Magnesia? I've heard of it but where do you get it? It's horrible tasting isn't it? It just cleans you out like laxies?

21 question lol.

Stay Motivated! Your goals are just around the corner! Sounds like you got a good sense of what works for you.