You're not alone

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I've been fasting for 14 hours. Crazy to think about when you aren't intending to fast.

I am not going to eat today if I don't have to. I am spending time at my parents and I might be going to dinner with my Mom and Sister. My mom always watches me around meals. If we don't go out it will be really simple not to eat. They live in a huge, she is always busy, if she doesn't see me eat, she can't say I haven't.

I started moving last night. I realized how many clothes I have, and shoes. I hardly wear any of them. Its always just t-shirt and jeans for me. I need to get rid of some and maybe I'll be motivated to buy new clothes. I haven't weighed myself today, but my stomach is starting to look flatter. I'm working toward a gw of 124 right now. Last time I weighed I was 127. It might take a couple of days but I can drop 3 pounds before next week. I'll update later

its nearly 8:00. Fast starts now


Ana's Girl said...

Stay strong and fast on! You can do it!

Oh... and what happened with me and matt? I have no clue... He just said he wasn't feeling it anymore... Maybe it's cuz i'm so damn fat. :(

Fallen-Angel said...

Good luck with the fast :D


SBB said...

I hope your fast went well hunnie =)

Steph said...

I get them off in march so yay!