You're not alone

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What is driving me?

I have been cotemplating as to why I finally got my control back. 4 long months of fighting myself..and then snap. Here it is. Yes I still struggle with the control, but not at all in comparison to the hell I felt just a few months ago.

So I feel somewhat proud of myself. I'm losing almost daily and I couldn't be happier! I do have to keep telling myself "What goes off, can easily come back on". So I keep having to raise the bar on myself, push myself harder. I think a big reason as to why I have my control is that I'm being more positive. I'm not focusing on failure.

Today was going to be 300 cals. I've had about 150-200. J wants to go get an iced mocha with me, so to be on the safe side I'll change my intake for today to 400 and my intake for the rest of the week goes as follows:

Wednesday: 100
Thursday: 300 or Fast
Friday: 300 or Fast
Saturday: 150
Sunday: 200

To raise the bar on myself this week I want to workout everyday. No skipping. I won't push myself like I once could, I have to build myself up to that. If I push myself to hard I am usually to tired for the rest of the week. Lame excuse I know.

4 lbs until my first GW!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Keep it up girl!! :D
God it sounds like you're doing amazinnnng!!
UGH i wish i had that control.
beautiful beautiful beautiful
is what youll be ♥

Anonymous said...

Oh i know!!! Running is sooo freeing.
It just feels amazing. I've been dreaming about myself running and envisioning myself running this whole past week. And I've decided I'm going to do it. :D

Matilda B. said...

inspiring :) that's what i'm trying to do too, being positive! :) good for you!!