You're not alone

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I had an awesome work out last night.  30 minutes of lifting, an hour of cardio.  Burned at least 500 on cardio alone.

Today has been a little bit of struggle with control, as it usually goes getting back with restricting.  But if I can make it through the middle of the day(lots and lots of water) then I usually get past the temptation of eating at night.  Gotta love cold water.  I have band practice in a few hours and after that I hope to go to the gym.  I haven't decided what I'll do.  I know there is a Yoga class tonight so maybe i'll do some cardio and then go the class after.

Toast w/ jam( but i didn't eat the bread): 30 cals
Rice cake: 50 cals
Coffee with a small amount of soy milk: 20 cals
Small piece of banana bread: 30 cals
that puts me at...130..rounding to 150 cals.   Maybe i'll round up to  200 because i might be missing something. I don't think i'll eat much more today.  Maybe an apple, or another rice cake.  

Life:  Well yesterday I went to go visit J while he was working.  We sat outside and talked about nothing.  Then he said "Do you have any idea whats going on with us?" My response was "no".  So yeah i still don't know whats going on, or what I want.  My bestfriend gets home in 4 and a half months...he also wants to date me.  Ha ha.  Man.  I swear if I don't end up with one of the two I'm never going to fall in love again.

Stay hungry ladies!


Anonymous said...

you wrote "im so story" LOL.
love you.

and im not going anywhere
i cant live without blogging <3
thank you for being sweet

diente de león said...

honey ...
i just don't understand why you're not back together with J ... If I were you ...

the two of you sound like you belong together.