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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Good afternoon

Staying strong as far as the ABC goes 

400 today:
Its almost 2pm.  So far:

hershey kiss(20-40)
swig of OJ  20

I hung out with J last night.  Smoked a lot and stayed up watching batman.  But  I woke up this morning completely on fire, weak, wanting to throw up.  It was probably because I needed some sugar, food, whatever.  So I had a small bit of orange juice and then we fell back asleep until now.  So I had a hershey kiss, still feeling weak, but thats all I needed.  I'm drinking some cold water now and I'm feeling great.  

I need to make it a new goal to stretch everyday!  I'm the worst.  I had a good leg/cardio workout last night, but I didn't stretch.  So now I'm all stiff.

Stay strong this weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Good job girl :D