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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So far today I've been staying strong

Breakfast: Trail Mix coffee 200 ish
Lunch: apple 60-70 cals

Sometimes I feel like giving up. Letting my body have control. My life would be so much happier without my ed. Getting help. But then I think about how much control I'd have to give up. I think about gaining weight and that scares me. Thats when I look at myself in the mirror and decide that it is easier this way. Even if I end up lonely, I have myself, I have my ed. I cried last satruday, hard. I started hanging up pictures to inspire me. As I was bawling I told myself I'd never really need anyone as long as I could have myself. If that makes any sense.

Stay strong


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Anonymous said...

it makes perfect sense..
having something constant in your life like your ed keeps you grounded, knowing you are real. and you have control.
stay strong :)

go orange!