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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I drove over to J's last night. Shaking inside. We said hello's and then had a long hug. We didn't say much. We told each other how our previous week had been. We smoked some peace and he held me. I then got a call from my agent informing me that if I was invited for this interview I would be sent an email. I'd recalled getting a random text about some dinner. I'd just smoked and I was scared to drive non-sober to the location. I made it there and saw a bunch of other models. Scantily clad. When models get together all wanting the same job, I've noticed they can be the biggest bitches. But right away I found out how bad of an idea it was for me to be there. No one seemed to be in charge, they were serving alcohol to minors. I got in touch with my agent and he was PIsssed. He had warned the client not to have any crap like that. I left right away. Annoyed that I wasted so much time. Bleh.

I then went back to J's and we smoked some more peace. Kissed for the first time again. I didn't mean to stay over, but we woke up around 10 this morning. Both of us are a little timid. I told him I would need time and we would need to take things slow.

Weight 127.8. I need to get the gym tonight, and if not def. tomorrow morning

stay thin


Anonymous said...

you are awesome <3
i can understand how nervous you would have been.. of course, a little grass helps take the edge off things, eh? ;) but im glad you laid your boundaries out there, and arent jumping in head first again.. because thats what i do and it never works. i just cant learn! lol.

and what is this model stuff? you model?
tell me more! <3

Anonymous said...

how do you get an agency?
i would love to model.. im 5' 7" and want to get to 117.. but i dont even know the beginnings of how to become a model or where to start. help! :) and does it cost a lot of money?

i hope youre doing well
you'll get to 120 in no time :D

Meggy said...

im sooo jealous that youre a model!! and its good youre getting along with ex. keep it uupp

Anonymous said...

yes i am!! :)
ten lbs by august 25th.

tell me your starting/current weight for the comp.. and each day, comment me your total cals, and total burned, and weigh in on sundays. easy! :D even if you give it to me every couple day, all i do is keep a running total so you can see your total expenditure minus your total outake for the past x amount of days and everything :D yayyy

i will put you on my list!
the plan in on my entry from the 13th :D