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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm seriously considering the ABC diet. If I started tomorrow I would have a plan until september 3rd. Thats not really far away. I really want to be close to 110 by then. My UGW is 103..if I don't start looking too skinny. Thats something I can't let happen. So many people already think I have a problem, and once I do start losing the weight it gets harder to make up excuses. I just get angry when people bring it up. So for now I'm going to say 110 by september/october. Its perfect timing to be getting thin, cold weather, lots of layers. My best friend gets home in december and I want to look good for him, but I can't look too thin. He's always known me at my weight of 137 ish(gross).

So the rest of this weeks plan is as follows:

Thursday: 500 cals or less
Friday:300 or less
Saturday: 400 or less
Sunday: 100

I plan to use OR LESS often. I'm just getting back into the swing of restricting. I don't want to over do it and freak out and binge. But that plan is totally doable. I remember when I was fasting every other day. I'll get there again. I hope we all stay strong! Its humpday!! The rest of the week is almost done ha ha.

I have about an hour left of work. Then I'm going to go clean, workout, or workout and clean. I need to burn at least 500 calories, easy feat. But I have been tired lately. I can't wait to go though!! I can't wait to be 120 again! Its been way way WAY too long

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Anonymous said...

120 here we come!

im fasting today :D