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Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 6

Week plan: 200

Current Weight: 125.8!

Today: Chai latte 70 cal
diet Soda with flavor shots... 30?

Yesterday was a little mess up, but not a complete failure. I ate more than 100 cals as I planned, but I just switched it around a bit. I'm very determined to not lose control. I think its been easier to have my control now that I'm starting to get my weight back down. I think about eating one thing and in the end I know it won't really satisfy anything. So I'm stronger.

Saturday was so stupid. I hadn't really eaten all day and I went to hang out with my brother and his girlfriend. We were going to drink a little so I told myself only one and a half glasses of wine at most, which I did. I also allowed myself an apple and some butterfree popcorn. But what was really annoying was my brother(and mostly his girlfriend) offerring me food over and over and over again. I wanted to be very serious and say "Ok look. I said no. So stop asking becuase the more you ask the less I'm going to want to even be around you." But I stayed strong.

Yesterday I ate around 500 cal. I think what triggered it was the alcohol from the night before, and finally being sober from the peace(i think I was stoned from friday night until sunday evening). I did go on a walk though! 2-3 miles. It felt good to be moving. I was so happy to get on the scale today! 125.8. Its been a while.

Stay strong everyone. You have the control.

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Anonymous said...

ill be there with you in no time! <3
you are very very strong. keep it up.
youre doing amazing.