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Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 2 of the Competition

I am going to do so much better. I feel so ashamed that I failed to help my team as much as I could have. I was finally strong on saturday and sunday, keeping under my max intake. Yesterday I went to a movie with J's parents. They then asked if we wanted to get some food. I just lied and said I wasn't very hungry. We went anyway(to a sports grill. ew I really don't like grill's. First they smell of meat, and second, they are too loud. I don't like them, people can enjoy watching tv while they eat their meat..whatever.. i just hate them) when we got there his mom kept fussing about me eating. I heard his dad say "you can't change her mind and make her hungry" J says to her "don't be like her mom and make her eat" I love him.

J did feed me a couple cranberries, and a tomato from his salad. But I stayed strong. When we got to J's apartment I decided I should probably eat something. So we went to Target and tried to find a little bottle of v8. No luck. So we went back and smoked some peace. This is where I get weak. But my stomach was growling so loud, and as sweet as he could be he talked me into letting him buy me some cereal and soy milk so we coudl eat. I hate a huge bowl. But told him not to let me eat anymore. Once I came down off my high I still felt hungry so I had some veggies and then some more cereal. Still staying at about 700 calories. So even though I would have preffered not to eat...I don't like worrying my boyfriend.

Go ORANGE Team! Its a new week. Stay strong


Matilda B. said...

yup its a new week! good luck!!!! :D:D:D

Lady said...

Way to hold back at the grill. Any thing you eat at home will be a million times better. Here's to a great week!

diente de león said...

Aw that was nice of them, shutting her mouth. I think it’s okay to feed cranberries and tomato, it’s just … lovely. And not exactly forcing someone to eat, if its done the right way.
700 cals is okay, honey. Don’t worry.
But I know … if you had planned not to eat, you always feel guilty.
Go orange! 