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Saturday, June 27, 2009


I've been busy this week and not really had time to post. I had my school graduation. I had to find a hair model and was stressing pretty bad because I couldn't find one. I finally did find someone though and it turned out well. I was at the salon all day thursday assisting, and then doing my model. I found out about MJ that day. My heart dropped. Michael will always be the King of Pop and everyone needs to quit with the jokes. I seriously will cut anyone that makes another negative comment about him.

Yesterday I was really scared to weigh in. I am pretty OCD about when I weigh in. It has to be in the morning right before I go anywhere, or right after I workout. I was at my bfs house though(it was his birthday yesterday). So I couldn't weigh in until late after noon. The scale said....130.2!!!!! I'm almost out of what I consider my "fat" zone. 125-129 is my "chubby zone". I probably won't weigh myself today though. After my graduation(I spoke at it :s I think I did well though) I made a bunch of Indian food for my bf. I have never cooked real Indian food and I discovered 7 green peppers in a Korma dish makes it hella spicy. I didn't really eat anything else yesterday other than that though. It still was a lot of food in my mind. But the good thing is that spicy food does a wonder for my digestive tract. Total flushing of the system :). I'm at work for a few more hours. I only got 7 hours this week and I'm totally broke. So hopefully when I'm done I can go workout for a couple hours. I'll weigh in tomorrow morning for the WLC and hope to be 129-130 still.

Have a lovely day!

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