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Monday, June 1, 2009

103 16.1..cw134.4

103 That sounds like a beautiful weight, and 16.1 a beautiful BMI. I'm at 134.4 and 21. Yuck Anyway. I bought a new scale yesterday. It supposedly calculates your Body Fat % and water weight, as well as weighing my fat body. It said my body fat percent was 19. I remember when I was 13%. Okay nuff said
Last night my boyfriend weighed himself...116.6. So not fair. I told him I remember when I was 116. I'd be there again. He said "I'm not going to encourage anything, but I'm sure I'll be jumping you when you get there". He has got to be the one person who doesn't care if I go underweight. Maybe a little strange, but hey, if I'm still with him when I get back down that will be great. No griping.

I'm not going to binge. I will not binge. I will not binge. Ok. I think I'm good.

Gw by the end of this week 130-132

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diente de león said...

Wow, I LOOOOVELOVELOVE your boyfriend!
:D not in that way, but really – his reaction has to be one of the best I could ever imagine! So he cares about you and doesn’t want to encourage you to starve yourself but he doesn’t make you feel bad about your issues with weight? That’s so nice! If I were you I would just love to see him smile while jumping on me because you’re 116 lbs again! So hang in there!
On the other hand – he’s 116???! You’re 134? Hah. There you have it, your thinspiration. Go girl! (Go Orange! ^^)
Yap. You will not binge. You will not. Will not. NOooooooooot. Don’t binge.