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Friday, June 19, 2009

fat girl in a pretty dress

I got some photos from one of the photographers I worked with last friday. I'm hoping the other photographer got some better shots, and did better editting. I just look so fat in all my pictures. It makes me wonder if I should even attempt to be a model.

Good news though. I stepped on my scale this morning and it read 132 before switching to 133. Bleh. Not bad. But I've been sitting at 133 the past few days. so I decided to try again. 132. And again 132. again? 132!!!! I know its not a huge loss. But I've lost 5 pounds in two and a half weeks. I'll lose so much more faster now that I've gotten more control back.

I've eaten roughly 350-400 today. I worked out after eating and burned aroudn 450. My boyfriend wants to have a lunch break soon. I might eat some vegetables or something. I'm staying strong. Xo xo


Lady said...

Legs are looking great!

MyNameIsMellon said...

I had a dress just like that, except now its too big! That would usually be a good thing, but I really liked that dress and I don't know where else I can get it. Grrr. Anyway, don't stress. You look fabulous. I would kill to have your legs.