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Monday, June 22, 2009

131 :)

Just two pounds away from being out of the 13o's. I can't believe it! I've been doing a lot more exercise while I'm at home or at my boyfriend's to kill time. More sit ups, leg lifts. This week will be a good week at the gym. I am really wanting to be in the low 120's by the beginning of July. I'm taking a road trip with J. We'll be spending time with his old friends and I want them to see me skinny, not fat. His old girlfriend was this skinny asian.

I decided my ultimate goal : be skinnier than my boyfriend. Ha Ha he told me "I can't wait for you to look breakable" As in "fragile". Isn't that the best? When you are at a low weight and people see you as a porclean doll. I love it because I feel like I need protection. I need someone to wrap their arms around me. Sigh.

I get paid in 3 days. I can't buy my diet pills until then, and probably not any smokes either. I'm trying to quit with the smokes though so maybe its a good thing. Debt is a bitch but I'm determined to get out of it!

CW 131
Gw 128
GW2 125

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