You're not alone

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I filmed today for a indie zombie film. I wish I was skinny for this film, but thats why I'm seriously cracking down on myself. We were working from 5:00 in the morning and finally got home at Midnight. It was a fun experience and I didn't want to eat this much, but because we were out in the heat, and then running around I had to make sure I was staying energized. After one of my last scenes where I had to run from A to B with 3 takes..I nearly passed out. Still I am doing a lot better than the rest of this week.

Breakfast: Rice cake (35)
Celery (18)
Tomato Juice (25)
Gross coffee with some caramel sweetener (30)
Lunch: Apple, Grapes (120)
Carrots (25)
Fruit Roll up(100)
Dinner: Celery Carrots Broccolli (50)
Chips (50)
Coffee with some sweetener(30)
Total somewhere aroudn 560-600 :)


Tri Thin said...

sounds like fun!

diente de león said...

Ah I wish I could see that movie :D Haha. Sounds like a riot. Especially in the sun! I’m proud of your nearly passing out. I know it’s shitty and all that but it means you burned cals and your body is losing fat, right? Good girl!
Were you a zombie? Or one of the victims?

Stick Thin said...

I was a main character in the film. I played "Deb" a whiney 18 year old who can't forgive her brother for killing her soon to be zombified dad. I cry in it. ha ha. maybe i'll have to post it on my blog. its just a short film