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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


If people want to try and stop eatind disorders than the whole world needs to change. I'm speaking from the United States but tell me if you recognize such statements:

"You have to eat EVERYTHING on your plate or you aren't leaving the table"
"Two more bites"

So what causes an Eating Disorder? Why don't we just ask a physc. Screw them I don't believe in shrinks. If it works for you, good, but as for me I doubt I'll ever see one. Anyway. I believe there are so many factors causing Eating Disorders. I think it starts young, very young. When we are children we probably do need to be told how to eat, to an extent. I remember being told I couldn't leave the table until I was finished eating. So parents are teaching their kids bad habits. What if I was full? Truly "Too bad, you put it on your plate, you finish it" I say to an extent because my youngest brother wouldn't eat unless my mom forced him because he preferred doing other things, play games, watch a movie, and so on so forth. Yes parents should be responsible for children and making sure they get the proper nutrients. Why is it so hard to get kids to eat vegetables? I grew up having to eat vegetables or salad with every meal. Sometimes I wanted it, sometimes I didn't. My mom would make sure we at least ate the veggies and fruit before being excused. I have no problem with that because now I really love vegetables(aside from being vegan ha ha). So why is it so hard? Well we live in a very processed food world. Candy, fast food, frozen dinners, you name it. Going to fast food restraunts was rare when I was growing up. We would have to beg my mom to take us there. I'm so glad she didn't. We get our kids addicted(i'm saying this like I have children, I don't, hope I'm not offending anyone who does) to high fructose corn syrup, processed shit that has no nutritional value. Of course we don't want to eat vegetables.
Then comes puberty. Where I'm sure most people's ed's start to grow. Our bodies start chaging. We can't eat whatever we want anymore. We hear our parents say "I'm dieting". So why can't we? Instead of telling a young girl she is fine the way she is..maybe..just maybe..ask her why she thinks she needs to diet. If a young girl is having issues then the parent should instigate and encourage healthier EATING HABITS(not diet) and exercise. I don't think anyone is ever too young for that. Wow the world has a lot of work to do.

All in all though. ED's start and come from many different sources and I just felt like sharing my views to see if anyone agreed.

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Meggy said...

i agree 100%

growing up in a house with the mom on a diet 24/7, drinking diet soda, sugar free snacks, low fat everything, and a dad who works out 3 times a day and runs tens of miles because appearance is everything....well, i got royaly f*cked and got the best of both of them. and they ask me what triggered it. jesus christ.

thanks for your post hun