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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Looking Healthy

Here are some tips on how to appear healthy as the weight goes down. Tanning. Outdoor or indoor, it really helps make the skin look healthy. Wear the hair down. Make up: yellow concealor to cover up dark parts, all over concealor, and then powder foundation. Add some blush or bronzer to the cheeks. Its hard not to wear clothes that are skin tight. You've worked hard for your body, why can't you eh? When I was at my lowest weights I didn't wear certain clothes that showed off my bones around the family. Everywhere else though I woud wear whatever I thought I looked good in. On the opposite side wearing too baggy of clothes might make you look even smaller.

This is so random, but seeming how I'm in the weightloss competition maybe someone will read it and it could be helpful. Plus I'm going to get my weight back down so its a good reminder. If anyone has anything to add it would be great!


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diente de león said...

thanks for these tips! Ive seen them so many times now but i think its good to re-read them again!