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Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is what I looked like at 120-125. Sigh.  I'll get there

I'm going to the horrible world of Wal Mart to go buy a scale.  Its about time ha ha.  My weight is down 3 pounds!!  I'm feeling my control coming back.  Yesterday I went up to my parents and there was a ton of vegan/gluten free food.  I know my mom loves me because she accommodatedso I could eat.  So I loaded up my plate with all the food.  I think a week ago I would have eaten it all.  I didn't though. I ate bits and pieced of all the different food, but then I just went and made myself a spinach salad(the caterers idea of a salad was lettuce, croutons, and i'm sure super calorie dense dressing.  I just went to my parents fridge and added some spinach, almond cheese, berries).  Then this morning I had 150 cals worth of chips(allowing myself only 9 or so chips), some carrots and celery.  I made some gluten free cookies.  I wanted to see if they even tasted good.  But i just picked out the chocolate chips and so probably only ate 100-150 cals worth of it.  I'm at the coffee shop now and I asked the barista to only put a little bit of soy in my soy mocha.  So this drink is probably 100-150 cals.  that puts me at....500-600 cals.  I won't eat anything else today.  

I will look like that picture and much skinnier soon :)



diente de león said...

thanks for your comments!
yay! same team! we'll go all the way, yeah? well be thin :)
Ill follow your blog from now on. looks interesting!
and the pics are aaaaaaaaaweeeesome!!!

MyNameIsMellon said...

You have a fantastic body. You're so lucky! Can't wait until I look that god. =)

Meggy said...

SKINNNAYY ASSSS :]] hehe but thats an old pic??? what weight are ya now? you were def def thin!

good luck with all!

Meggy said...

by the way is that ageness deyn in your pic on the top of this page???

Tri Thin said...

have to admit when you get thinner than that I'll be uber jealous... I'm not even sure if I get down to 111 if I'll look that good