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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dying to know

I want to know my weight.  I don't have a scale.  All my golds gym are closed around here sundays.  Stupid.  I told my boyfriend to pick me up and guess how much I weighed. He said 120-125.  I wish.  I'm sure I'm down to 132 or something.  Who knows.  Gah.  

I went and bought flowers today :)  J and I are going to plant them today.  Today was supposed to be a 0 cal day but I forgot that I'm having dinner with J's parents.  I'm vegan so it can't be anything too bad.  I'll just eat slow and very little.  

I hope everyone has a lovely day. Stay strong. Chin up

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Tri Thin said...

I love planting anything - I waited too long to plant my vegetable garden and missed the window of opportunity this year. I'll still get some squash and other fall veggies, but nothing else :(

Hope your flowers bloom beautifully for you!